SharePoint Delete Orphan Items

Deleting Orphan Features

Many of the times in deployment you many face issue of orphan features due to deployment fails, in that case features remains orphan and while redeployment it complains that feature is already installed.

In those cases you need to remove those orphan entries. you can use below command to get all orphan features

Get-SPFeature | ? { !$_.Scope }

And to delete all those orphan features you can use

Get-SPFeature | ? { !$_.Scope } | % { $_.Delete() }

Deleting Orphan Sites

Same way you might end up sometimes in orphan sites and that you can remove by using below command.

$site = Get-SPSite “your site collection name”;
$siteId = $site.Id;
$siteDatabase = $site.ContentDatabase;
$siteDatabase.ForceDeleteSite($siteId, $false, $false);

For more information on orphan sites you may refer

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The Future for SharePoint Developer

As a developer I wonder where I am heading in SharePoint and what are the areas that we need to focus on as SharePoint trend is changing rapidly and many more possibilities we need to jump in.

SharePoint development not just limited to on-premises and with rapid development and investment of Microsoft in Cloud technologies like Azure and Office 365 opens door for many more opportunities for us that we can grab.

Also as per Microsoft SharePoint 2016 is not the last on premise version, as they continuously improve customer experience and innovate on it.

SharePoint Hybrid

With Introduction of SharePoint 2016, Microsoft gave super flexibility and integration of data between your On-Premise data and Cloud data which is in Office 365.


(SharePoint Online + SharePoint on premise)

New SharePoint is already giving direct links which connects to Office 365 apps. With hybrid search, which provides search experience across Office 365 and on-premises farms running SharePoint different versions means it supports older SharePoint versions too. This is great feature when you have business customers who have hybrid infrastructure scenarios.

Microsoft is first delivering all those features to SharePoint online and then trying to incorporate to on premise version through Feature pack program. Continue reading “The Future for SharePoint Developer”